Tips for Wearing Crop Tops (updated)

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Tips for wearing crop tops

tips for wearing crop topsPick out a crop top that lands slightly higher than the very-top of your waist. This will draw attention to the smallest area of your body. You will appear skinnier and it will slim down your overall look. Especially when paired with the style of pants that are currently trending. While some crop tops look great with a baggier combination of bottoms, you'll probably want to go with a snug bottom when you go out for walks, to breathe during shelter-in-place orders.

Some people say that shorter, fitted crop tops are best-suited to petite ladies, however some social media or web research can show you that crop tops of all lengths and fits will suit any build. If you see a crop top you like, go for it, you might surprise yourself!

tank tops for men made from cotton polyester

Finally, you can wear a crop top underneath something like overalls or a cute jacket to come of as playful. Of course, without the jacket, you can undo a strap on the overalls and show some peek-a-boo skin on the sides of your body.

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We also added a line up of vintage hats for dads. They're pretty cool and go great with a good one-line joke. Anything extremely corner will do!

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